1) Can I use my TL1000 for PC with the new Mac OS version software ? 


But you will need to purchase a firmware conversion license from our online store.  

Purchase Manager Mac OS  ( look for "PC to Mac OS TL1000 firmware change" )
Will it work on an ipad ?  No , The manager software is only for Mac OS Computers

2) I paid for the upgrade, what should I do now ?

Once you purchased the firmware upgrade, simply open the software on your Mac and plug in the TL1000,

The Manager software will verify the serial number, and update your logger automatically.

The software will be able to work with your instrument. You will promped to create a new user linked to the device in the software.    

Please note It can take up to 24h in some case. Make sure you have internet access to enable the process to work.

3) Why do I need to provide the Serial Number?

The update is done trough our secured server. The manager software will verify the serial number of the device against it.

4) Where can I find my serial number?


  • On the bottom of the unit ( under the sticky pad , if you have one)  
    • When you plug the TL1000 into a Mac with the Mac Manager software open, a popup will show the SN
    • On bottom left of a printed report.
    • In the PC Manager Software, in the Logger menu -> TripLogik Status ( TL1000 MUST be  connected to the PC)

The Serial number is 16 characters long and starts with TL1000xxxxxxxxxx

If you cant read the serial number, please use the PC SN utility from the download section of the TripLogik website

Serial number utility  for PC

5) Will the upgrade delete my logger data?

NO, the upgrade of the logger only make the device Mac OS enabled

6) Why do I need to enter a password?

If the software is asking for a password, this is because a password was set into your logger before.

By default, there are no password. If the PC was not asking for it, this is because you checked the remember password before.

If the unit is setup with a password, the new software is starting a new database in the Mac. The manager don't know the password inside

your instrument. You need to enter it to start the sync.

Beware that if you you change the password, all data inside the instrument will be deleted.
The password is the key to encrypt the data inside the device, when changed, all data becomes un-decodable and is therefore deleted.
If you don't remember the password, you should sync the logger with your PC Manager before in order to save the data first.
Once your data are safe, you can change the password. TAKE NOTE of your password as there can fe fees to unlock it.
If you would like to disable the password in the logger, make the password the same as your serial number
Use capital letters   EX:   TL1000xxxxxxxxxx  , Serial numbers are 16 characters long)

7) Will my TL1000 still work on a PC after the conversion?


The Mac firmware will still work on a PC after the conversion is you ever need to use a PC again. 

8) Can I import data from the PC software ?


The PC software uses a different type of database, the new Mac version uses SQL


When you perform the first sync on the Mac, all the data that is still in the instrument will be imported into the new database.

If the instrument was not deleted, when it was used on the PC,  it will be imported again in the Mac.

In any case, do a last import into the PC and do the sync on the mac. you can then print all of your reports in PC to be archived.

9) May I take advantage of the technical support with the free version?

Only users who paid an update can benefit from the free tech support.
If you need extra assistance, please purchase a version or an assistance agreement.

10) I received a confirmation for the free upgrade but my logger is not authorized any more?

If you did not install the software on your Mac and did not synchronize the data within 30 days of our confirmation of free activation, the recorder will no longer be eligible for the free update. This free update was to accommodate Mac users that already own a device but were waiting,  using a PC in the meantime, before the Mac release.

11) How long will the paid version be covered by free technical support?

90 days from the payment.

Basic requirement

Mac computer requirement to use the Mac OS version of Manager

  • Intel base Mac with a minimum of 2GB  (4GB recommended)
  • OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 
  • Internet connection


The Manager software will work but is not NOT officially supported on High Sierra at this time

Apple has a high volume of bugs with this new OS, we suggest you try to install the software before you purchase.  

You must open a service ticket and provide your serial number among other information 

Serial number and internet connection is required to update the TL1000 to Mac.

Serial number and internet connection is required to update the TL1000 to Mac.

A valid serial number is required in order for the update server to work

Invalid serial number entered with error will not be upgraded by the upgrade server

No manual intervention is possible for the upgrade of a device.