If you are getting a blank page in the reports and maybe only a footer (if it was selected in the setup)

Please verify you have the latest version of the TripLogik Mileage logger software above

You can download the latest version hereĀ 

( To find out your version, click on the Help menu, and on About)

if you are running version or higher, there could be a chance you have an error in your filter selection.

To test this

unselect the date limitation, this should print everything in the database.

Select the Filter menu or Trip Type Filter Selection (depending on the version you have)

Select None to show every trip, of a specific type to filter the trip type.

If you have trips on the left side, and you are not using the date limitation

Select the "None" filter to produce an unfiltered report

If you have created any other filters, try deleting them.

After deleting, go into the "Fields" menu and add a few more ( for testing) then click on "Apply"