Question 1

Are you using the supplied OBDII cable?

The OBDII is the large rectangular power supply that connects to the car under your dashboard.

This cable enables the TripLogik to have a constant and stable power source.

Cigarette lighters are not recommended as they are not stable and will turn off the device, resetting it, and preventing the device from working properly.

More recent cars have integrated USB adapters that might seem to work, but are not, and will give bad results.

Power sources other than the OBD will be turned off when turning the ignition off
The TripLogik TL1000 is using it's own power source in order to always be powered.

If you are not using the OBD cable, please install it and test your unit again

Please note, that using other power sources can affect the logger memory, and you might have to delete data from it to make it operational again.

Question 2

Did you enable the Speed Warnings?

Speed warning is a feature that will sound a warning every time you go over the speed limit you have specified in the logger configuration

If it is not set properly, it will be very annoying.

To verify this.

Connect the TL1000 logger to your computer

Open the Manager software

Click on the "Settings" menu

In the "Settings" window, select the logger tab

If the speed warning is selected, it will sound at approximately the speed you selected.

In the example below, if you are near 55Mph, it will ring every 10 seconds until you get below

Uncheck the Enable warning and click OK

Question 3

Are the USB connections clean and in good shape?

If you have been using your device for a while, it is always good practice to veryfy the USB connection

Bleeping like the logger is powered off can be caused by a loose power connection.
If you are using the OBDII power supply, there could be a loose connection on the USB side.
Please have a look inside to see if there are no derbies in the cable or on the logger.

Look inside the USB port of the logger to see if all the pins are all still properly positioned.
The USB connector is tough, but there could be a bent pin or derbies stuck inside.

USB problem are simple and common on phones and any other devices.
In any USB connector, the gold pins forms an arch. If one of them becomes flat, it is possible to use a sewing needle and push very lightly on the end of the pin inside the hole in front. You will see the arch move inside as it is bent back into position.

Ensure all pins are straight and the arch high enough

Above is an example of a pin that was damaged 

DYI fix
( please note this fix is done without any warranty , TripLogik will not be responsible if the user damages the connector)

Mini USB can get damaged while inserted and removed with a full on the side, creating an excessive push.
Most devices using this type of connection can easily be fixed by using a sewing needle
By pushing "VERY LIGHTLY", on the end of the pin (in the green circle) to reform the arch.
Do not use anything else that is bigger then the end of the pins as you risk breaking the connector

Communications connection are on the 3 center pins

We suggest you use the cable provided with the TripLogik that uses proper USB standard tolerance.

Question 4

Verify the cable from the OBDII power source to the logger?

Please have a look along the cable to make sure there is no damage to the cable

A scraped cable can create an intermittent short circuit in the power supply.

The supply is completely protected and automatically shuts down is there is the slightest problem, preventing any potential damage to the logger and itself.

Question 5

How is the car Voltage ?

Triplogik was conceived to work on cars with 12VDC standard Voltage
In some occasions, when starting a car in very cold weather the "engine cranking" can lower to entire car voltage under 9VDC.
This situation might trigger the unit to react as if it was disconnected for a brief moment, effectively resetting the unit.

We have reports of customers experiencing this as there were driving their car. It turned out a defective alternator was not charging the battery and its voltage dropped under 9Volts while on the highway.

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