WARNING  This version is discontinued

Many of our customers are not in our customer email communication database.

Please note that version will cease to operate on June 9th 2019.  Version 2.0 must be installed (from our website)

If you are still using version  ( or earlier) you need to upgrade to version 2.0

This script error is caused because the link to Google map is no longer available. 

Questions about the Changes from Manager to Manager 2.0...

Please go to the software download page and install the new version
PLEASE LOOK at the video tutorial here, before installing the new software 

What you need to know:

Since January 2019, Google has changed the rules and the mapping service for apps and maps are no longer free.

After 10 years, we were forced to design a new software Manager, and by the same token, changed the mapping system so that our customers would not have to pay a monthly fee to Google.

Since January, TripLogik has paid  these costs for its customers, so that their service does not stop working.


Our new mapping server is in Canada, and it’s 100% controlled by TripLogik, which has no link to Google anymore.

Unfortunately, these facilities have an operating cost, which explains the new annual TripLogik Map Server membership.

There are no monthly fee for data, but an annual membership to the Triplogik Map server.  stating at 13.65 per year ( depending on duration of membership selected) It would be the equivalent of $1.14 per month
We are still a very low cost for this kind of product and service (The competition is between $10-$50 per month)

Unlike Google, we do not impose data or billing limits by the number of transfers per month.

Our technique also offers faster communication, as we do not limit the speed of requests per user, but rather through general traffic ...

Essentially, we try to offer better service at a lower cost, and this is without the "Corporate weather van" policies that increase or changes pricing conditions whenever they feel like it.

The good news is that we are still the cheapest service on the planet and we will continue to be.

We hope to retain our customers who have been loyal to us for the past ten years.

Thank you for your understanding