This error is caused by the Internet's network connection that is not working, or is being blocked by a firewall or anti-virus

Places visited, ( addresses) are provided by Google. The Manager has all the coordinates but is waiting for Google to reply with the addresses.
If the Google server is very busy, or if the network is disconnecting from the internet, the list of places will stop from building.

Once a place is registered in the database, the Manager will not have to look it up again the next time you return to this place.

In some case, like many other software programs that communicate on the Internet, the firewall or the anti-virus can prevent the Manager software requesting the information from Google .

It is recommended that you temporarily disable the Firewall for a few minutes in order to test if your firewall needs to be configured.

Please consult your anti-virus / Firewall manufacturer on how to configure it.

If all the data was transferred into the Manager ( the green sync bar is gone), you can click on the places Icon
then right click on any of the places in the list.

Select "look up" and use "All".

The Manager will get the missing places from Google again without downloading all the data from the logger again.