First verify if you are using the latest version.
To verify your version,
  1. Open the Manager software and click on "Help" then on "About"
  2. If the version is lower than, please install the latest version.

Link to the download section

It is important to use the same database every month and add new trips to the same file.
An address already retrieved will not have to go out to Google again and will be reused locally.
This makes the entire process more efficient and a lot faster.
(If you need only certain data in a monthly fashion, use the reports date filter to print or export to create a new extra database with only the info you selected)

Once the data from you logger is transferred to your computer, the software goes out to Google for the address not already in the database.
If the software is unable to get all the places from Google.

  1. Click on File and "Save as".  Give your database a name like "YourName2013" then close the software ( if you already have a name just click on save)
  2. When you later open the software, click on File, Open, and select the "YourName2013.tld" database
  3. Click on the Places icon and right click anywhere in the places list
  4. A dialog menu will show up, Select "look up", "all  Unknown"

The software will start the look-up again
If you get an error message we suggest you try again later, as Google might be too busy.
Many people wait until last minute to download their logger and sometimes this action overwhelms the Google engine.

We suggest you download your logger every month.
Always make backups of your database on a network, external drive or USB key.
The default database is in \Documents\Triplogik\Database\  and is a .tld file. You can simply make a copy.

If there are delays, and you have more than 100 places, please be patient...