A script error can be caused by 5 things:

1) Version of the software

2) Firewall preventing the software from accessing Google

3) Trying to open the software by double clicking on the .tld database file

4) Corrupted database

5) Installation problems involving internet access from anti-virus and firewall

Version of the software

If you are not using the latest version of the software, you will not be able to retrieve any address from Google.

Since November 2013, Google has changed the way the information is retrieved.

For this reason we made a new updated version. You must absolutely use version

Please check your software version.

To do so, open the Manager software , click on Help, and on About

If your version is not

please go to the TripLogik website in the download section

Download and install the new version here:  http://www.triplogik.com/download/TripLogikSetUp.exe

Firewall Settings

When you install the TripLogik Manager Software, it's important to pay attention to any Firewall/Antivirus question.

The manager obviously needs to talk to Google in order to retrieve the address information.

Make sure your firewall lets the TripLogik Manager go trough

Since there are as many firewall as there are software, we can't support you on this issue, please consult your firewall/antivirus company.

You may want to temporarily disable your firewall in order to test TripLogik Manager.

Open the software with the Database file

Trying to open the software by double clicking on the .tld database file, as a shortcut or directly, will not work and will  result in a Script Error.

Please open the TrpLogik Manager Software  and click on "File" and "Open" to select your database and open it.

Corrupted database

A script error may happen if you have a corrupted database

If your logger was never erased

1) Create a new empty database by clicking on "File", and "New"

2) Immediately after, click on "File" and on "Save as" and enter a new name.

3) Proceed to a new sync.

if you have deleted your logger before, you can do the same steps above, but you will only have the trips since it was erased.

We assume you have made a backup of your file every time you download your logger.

If you have your last month backup, restore it, and synch from this one.

If all else fail or if you just installed the software for the first time or updated.

There could be a problem with the software installation on your PC

1) Make a backup of your .tld database file ( if it's an upgrade) See how to here

2) Uninstall the software

3) Download the latest version from our website. (download from here)

4) Install the new software

5) Open your .tld database ( how to open instructions here)