Once you have setup your banner and links , you might need to test it.

To do so:

Click on your own banner link

This will set a cookie into your computer as you are now referred by yourself

1) Open Internet Explorer

View Cookies Step 2.jpg

2) Click on “Tools.” It is in the main menu area of the Internet Explorer browser.

View Cookies Step 3.jpg

3) Scroll down and select “Internet Options.” This is part of the "tools" menu.

View Cookies Step 4.jpg

Look under the Browsing History section on the General settings tab

View Cookies Step 5.jpg

Press the “Settings” button.

View Cookies Step 6.jpg

Select the “View Files” button.

View Cookies Step 7.jpg

Scroll down until you see the files labeled as cookies.

Fin the file that contains the @aitsafe.com

 name of your PC @aitsafe.com

Double click on the file to open it in notepad

At the warning ,Click Yes to open


You identification number will show up right after the mtracker word