At the request of the TripLogik support Team

It is possible that we can assist you remotely using a remote access software

This software allows us to connect to your Desktop in order to assist you in debugging your PC for using TripLogik

Please take note that so that we can reach has your PC, by means of this software, you have to start the latter, and accept manually our connection.
When the software is closed, it is impossible to reach your computer any more.
In every request, you have to open the software again re accept the connection so that we can reconnect.

Certain hacker use those software and takes advantage of the ignorance of the users in order to install viruses or steal information in your PC.
For that reason, several anti virus software considers these software as "malware", to protect people who could be contacted by pirates.

The software which we use are Ammyy and Team Viewer 10

Special Note about both software

Must be before settled are use,
You must have administrator access privilege in order to install it

Is a very simple EXE file which requires no installation

You can download them from the following links directly from their respective manufacturers


Team Viewer 10