Raw data files with the extension .tlw contains data as it is organized in the logger.

This data is then processed by the Manager software in order to retrieve the address and the trips from the internet ( google map)

If there is a problem importing data from your device, it is possible tech support will request you send them a raw file ( .tlw)

For details about creating a raw file , please consult the linkĀ  "How to create a raw file"

If a major error is recorded in the device, the Manager might not be able to figure out where the good data is in order to import it.

This can be fixed manually and the file will be sent back to you

This file will need to be imported to your existing database. ( instead of looking for the data in the logger)

To import a raw .tlw file

Ensure your current database is open

The name of your file is after the dash on the top left corner

Click on the File Menu and select Import RAW

Select the .tlw file to be imported into your database


If you had any trouble importing data from your logger , you must delete the data inside the logger to prevent the error from happening again as the bad data is still inside the memory.

How to erase the logger memory