To install the TripLogik Manager on your mac, you must first download the installation file from the TripLogik web site.
Download page for TripLogik software

Once you have downloaded the software to your computer 

1 )  Double click on the file 

2 ) When you see the TripLogik Installer, click and drag the TripLogik Icon over the application folder in order to copy the files over.



3 ) Start the application 

If you get a warning the fist time you start the application, simply select open. 

As this application is from our server and not the Apple server, it will warn you it is not from Apple.


4 )   Plug in your Triplogik Instrument to one of the USB ports 

5 )  The software will show you the Serial number of the device and let you know if your instrument is compatible to the Mac version

6 )  Enter an ID name for this device. 

This ID is used to identify the device VS the users. ( it could be Triplogik 1 , Triplogik 2, sales 1 , service  ect... )

7 ) The Assigned to field is used to tell the software what user will be assigned this logger 

You cannot type anything in this field, you must select an existing user  OR create a new one.

If you never configured any user,  Click on the dropbox arrow and select "New User"

8 ) Once the new user is created, click save 

9 ) This will bring you back to the logger user assignation, your new user will show up in the dropbox list, simply click Save 

You are now ready to sync your instrument to the software.

If you ever change user ( Ex, new sales person)  you can create a new user and reassign the device to this new user.

This will keep all data from the previous user, and create a new data set for the new user from this device.