Many people who purchase a new computer with windows 10 will seldom have Microsoft OneDrive already installed on their computer.
We have run many test using OneDrive and the Manager software worked fine with all basic functions.

We do have request from some users that the manager software was not working at all or partially .

What we have discovered, with the help of our users, is that not only the manager software was acting up, but also many other applications.

Some of the problems seems to come from file permission being changed to read only . 

If a database file becomes read only, you can imagine that a software will stop working properly .

We are not going to tell you not to use it , as we were never unsuccessful using it our-self, but with so many users complaining about the problems
affecting hundreds of other applications, it is clear that OneDrive is a constant cause of unreliable PC.
If you have it installed and configured, try to disable it or remove it's functions completely.

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