This article is explaining how install Apps that are not from the Apple store on Mojave MacOS

A new feature in Mojave called GateKeeper is designed to block applications from other locations than Apple Store .
This will give you a hard time downloading and will not install after the download is completed.

The Gatekeeper can be bypassed in order to install all apps you want on your Mac.

What is Gatekeeper in Mojave Mac OS?

Gatekeeper is a security application made by Apple to look what applications are from Apple and others. This means that apps not in the Apple Store may or may not install.
Gatekeeper will not let you install app that are from other sources than Apple by default. 

Fortunately, you can change some settings that will enable the installation.

How to install the Manager Software apps in Mojave Mac OS

Gatekeeper can be disabled temporarily or permanently

To temporary disable the Gatekeeper. 

Step 1
Open the Manager application you just downloaded from the TripLogik Website. If you are blocked.

Step 2

Open the system preferences , and select Security and Privacy

At the bottom of the General tab, you will see the message, "TripLogik Manager was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer.”

Step 3 

Click on Open anyway to open the application software.

To Permanently disable the Gatekeeper.

Step 1 

Open “Terminal” in Mac OS Mojave

( To Open the Terminal, type Terminal and open it ) 

Step 2 
Type the following :    sudo spctl --master-disable  and press enter.
Enter your administrator password and press Enter.

Step 3 

Open the system preferences , and select Security and Privacy
Go into the General Tab and Select Anywhere in the Allow apps downloaded from section
Click on the padlock icon ( bottom left) to save the change.

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