3 conditions are related to being asked for a password when downloading your data.

1) You had setup a password and you have forgotten it.

If you had a password setup, but did not tell the software to remember it, of if the software was reinstalled on a different computer you will be prompted for your TL1000 password.

2) You started a new file, and you had a password in the TL1000

If you are not reusing your previously created data file, and you are starting a new one, the Manager software will ask for the password you had set in the TL1000.

You should try to find your last data or backup data file. Look for files with ".tld" extention

Open the file from the menu-> File ->Open

3) You have multiple TL1000, and you are using the wrong file that was created for a different TL1000

Verify that you are using a file that is matched to the TL1000 connected to the computer.

For example if you have multiple TL1000 in your office, you must use the data file that match with the unit.

This is to prevent accidental data transfer to a wrong logger/user file.

Look for an other file from the menu-> File ->Open

Please check your database file:

Look at the top of the Manager software. The name of the file you are using will show up besides the application name

Look if you are not using one of the demo files

You might also be using an older file you created before you changed the password,

In this case, the password in your device will not match, asking for the password.

To open a database file:

Click on File  -> Open and select the database file for the logger you are using.


Name your file in a way to identify the user and the device


Changing password will automatically delete all the data in your TL1000

Since data is encrypted from your password, it will delete all trips to start over with the new password.

You must do a sync and a database save before.

If the software is asking for a password with a new file

If the password software is asking for a password after you created a new file, there is a password set in the logger.

  • Check if you have the proper logger. If you have more than one, you might have someone else logger.
  • Someone put a password in the logger , or you forgot you did

If you still can't find your password

In order to help you we need a few basic information

1) Proof or purchase

2) The serial Number the TL1000 in question


Locate the serial number

1) Look under the TL1000 for your serial number. It should be TL1000XXXXXXXXXX

2) If you have a version without the serial number printed on the bottom.

Download a special software called "Device info" from the flowing link Link to Device Info software 

3) Connect the TL1000 TripLogik to your computer and run the GetTLDeviceInfo.exe software you just downloaded


Create a Service Ticket with subject LOST PASSWORD

1) Create a new ticket here    Make sure you include your proof or purchase* and ALL INFORMATION 
( PayPal, credit card, Email we sent you or any other proof)

2) Copy the serial number and add it to the ticket

3) Fill every part of the ticket including your invoice number date of purchase ( in order to help us identify you)

4) After we identify you, we will send you a Password Extractor software that will retrieve your password

* Please note,*

  • Incomplete forms will be automatically deleted and you will not receive any email from us.
  • First password reset is free ( within the warranty) , subsequent or out of warranty reset are 25.00$
  • A user must provide proof or purchase along with the serial number.
  • If the device was purchased through the TripLogik website, fill in the ticket information with the same information as the purchase of the device including invoice number.
  • If the device was purchased through a retail of authorized dealer, please provide a scan or clear picture of the receipt and a picture of the serial number.


Password Extractor

When you receive a response email from us with the Password Extractor

There will be a link to download your Password Extractor software.

Please download this file.

Make sure the Manager software is closed

1) Start the software, and connect your TL1000 to the PC

2) Start the process

3) Note your password

Please note that this software is only usable on the TL1000 with a matching serial number of the file.

If you try it on other devices, the software will not work.

DID you Register your warranty ?

If you did not register your unit, we strongly suggest you go to the warranty page and register it.

This could be used to retrieve your information in case you lost your proof of purchase. Go to the Warranty page

Warranty is 12 months. If you require technical support after the fist year, please open a service ticket and ask about our extended support options.

For your security, we cannot restore units without proof of purchase.

If you get your unit stolen, it will only be worth a nice looking paperweight...and your privacy is assured!