This situation can occur when there are too many fields to print your report in relation with the width of the page, or when one of the fields contains excessively long information to be shown in a single line.


If you run windows 10 and get an Access violation at address XXXXXXXX ... in module TripLogik.exe

Please see the error information link


1) Make sure you have the latest version of the software Manager ( See download section for latest version)
To verify, in the manager software, click on "Help" and on "About"

Google modified the way of writing certain street names. Certain descriptions include several names which are sometimes very long.

The latest version of the manager is required.

2) In the layout report, you can select fields to be used. (Click on Reports, Layout, Fields)
If the number of fields exceeds the width of the page:

A) You can change the orientation of the report and use "landscape" (to gain more available widths). Also verify the layout of your printer, because this one has an incidence on reports.

B) Select " Spread trips over x lines " (from 1 to 5 lines)
This function will have the effect of distributing a trip on several lines if needed so it will not exceed the capacity of the page format.

It's also possible to print reports on other paper size format such as the legal size.

In every case, it is necessary to configure your printer with the proper orientation and size before configuring reports in the manager.

The reporting software uses the paper size as a reference for its measures included in your printer driver.

Report can also be printed in PDF format using one of many available drivers, including free ones.