How to split a trip as you drive or if you are immobile for less than 5 minutes

If you are driving and suddenly need to split a trip or change the type of trip you are recording

Setting up the mileage logger

You must setup your unit to use this function first.

Connect the TL1000 to your computer and open the Manager software

Click on settings Then select the Sync tab

Add a check mark in "Force new trip on waypoint"

Select the Logger tab
And check "Remind at start of trip" and "Remind after waypoint"

Click on OK

How to use it

Say you drive to a location for personal reasons.

At the destination, if you stop for a few seconds to drop someone off for example, the trip will continue as you need to be immobile for 5 minutes in order to end a trip.

If you need to record a new trip from this point, press and hold the button for 3 seconds. 

You will hear a long beep.

Start driving again. (This can also work when moving)

The unit will sound the familiar two tone, just like at the beginning of any trip, asking what type of trip this is.


We strongly suggest you properly mount the unit as per the installation instructions. Pressing a button can become a hazardous distraction if it is not in front of you.