Triplogik Manager software uses the default printer driver to build reports 

If you need to print or 'export' a report in a PDF format, you will need a PDF printer driver in order to create PDF files.

There are a number of free PDF drivers available to do this.

Once you have selected and installed a PDF printer, in the Manager, go to the Files menu 

And select Printer Setup


Find and select your new PDF printer  

Go to the Report section tab


If the PDF printer driver is working OK, you should see your trip as it will be printed according to the new printer settings.

As with any other printer driver, you can select multiple features like paper size , orientation etc.

Those are not setting of the Manager, but settings found in the printer driver itself.

If you need to change any setting , 

Go to the Files menu 

Select Printer Setup

With the printer selected , click on Properties  

Every software has a different look, but they all have similar basic features.

Paper size and orientation, and font selections are the most common.


Please note we do not offer any support on any third party software.

This article is only a guide to explain how to use PDF printer driver with the Manager software.

TripLogik is not responsible for any problem cause to the end user PC after installing or while using or downloading any of the listed third party free software.  User takes full responsibility.