This Q and A explains the changes in the TripLogik Manager and the reason behind them

Q   "The Manager software no longer works, scrip error,,, Etc "

The Manager software 1.2 2.7 is no longer functional because there is no longer any connection with Google.
You must use version 2.0 from the 1st of June 2019.

  "Why should I use version 2.0 "

A   Since the second quarter of 2018, Google has drastically changed the rules and mapping service for apps as of June 2019 maps for applications are no longer free.

After 10 years, we were forced to design a new Manager software, including a geocoding mapping system.

In order to protect its customers and its business model, TripLogik had to make a decision between creating software that allows customers to pay Google, forcing them to be "enslaved" by the multinational always changing rules,
or create Mapping servers, equivalent to Googles, on a smaller scale, and ensure a more modest cost of use.

TripLogik is proud to have taken the right decision for its customers, who can now be confident that they will have access to an affordable service. The new mapping server is now in Quebec, Canada, and is 100% controlled and maintained by TripLogik. Google has since increased its usage costs by more than 20 times since the new policy was put into place.

In an effort to not let clients down, before Manager 2 was ready, TripLogik paid Google service fee for its customers during the entire development.

Q  "Are you charging a monthly free ? 
A    NO TripLogik now uses TripLogik Map servers and the access is a yearly subscription.
Annual membership to the TripLogik Map server are essentially to support the TripLogik Map infrastructure.
Subscription starts at $21.00 PER YEAR (depending on the duration of the membership selected).

Current Annual subscription cost here

As of this article, competing products are between $15 and $50 PER MONTH ( between $180 and $600 per year) 


The good news is that TripLogik is still the cheapest service on the planet and we intend to stay that way.

Unlike Google, TripLogik does not impose data limits or billing by the number of transfers.

Our technique also offers faster communication, because we do not limit the number of requests per user, but rather by general traffic ...

"we are providing faster service at a lower cost, without the "Google corporate weather vane" policies that increase or change price structures all the time."

Q   NO way !  Google is free on my computer... 

A   Since its inception, in 2007 TripLogik’s policy has always been to offer a free map service.

It was never a question of billing customers, for a service that was provided free by Google to TripLogik.

However, as specified in the Manager software License agreement, this situation is constrained by Google’s own service terms. As long as Google didn’t charge fees, TripLogik Map service would remain free.

Unfortunately,  Since July 2019, Google no longer offers free mapping for application.

Still don't believe it ?  We did not invent this, see it for yourself -> : Insane, shocking, outrageous: Developers react to changes in Google Maps API

Q   "I haven’t downloaded my data for several months, will I lose it? '

A     NO,  your data still in the instrument "not downloaded" or "synced" should still be in your instrument and will be synchronized in the new application, Manager 2. 

  "Is it possible to import old data into the new application"

A Unfortunately no, the change in technology does not allow it.
We suggest that you keep the reports you have printed on paper or PDF.

You can still print existing data reports, (Until January 8 2020)  but you can't add any more data from your logger. 

If you do, data will transfer BUT since there are no links to google, this new data will be useless and all listed as unknown with no mileage. Download new data into the new software .

If you did not print reports every months, please print all your existing reports before January 8, 2020 as it will be impossible to print them later. 

  "Where can I download the new Software Manager 2.0"

A   From Triplogik’s website Software download section 

PLEASE look at the video manual on how to configure the Manager before you install, this will prevent many question and configuration errors  Video Manual here

"How to install Manager 2.0 Software"

R   Follow the instructions in the installation video Manager 2.0 Video Tutorials  

 "How to register my TripLogik Map membership"

R   Follow instructions in first use video First Use of Manager 2.0 

 "How to pay my membership"

R   Follow instructions in How do I pay for my membership? Is my Instrument registered ? 

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