We do not have a support phone number 

All support is done through the tech support website and callback if required. 


Click here for instruction on how to open a support ticket   

To open a support ticket click here: I know how to open a ticket 

TripLogik Solutions instructions and knowledge base here 

Who is eligible to Technical Support on the Manager 2.0 application

Depending on the type of service you selected when you paid your Map subscription
You are eligible or not to live tech support.

Not eligible

  • If your warranty is expired and you purchased a subscription with Map NO TECH SUPPORT


  • you have purchased a TripLogik and you are within the 1 year warranty
  • your warranty is expired but you purchased a Map and VIP Support subscription

Explanation of the subscriptions 

Map Map NO TECH SUPPORT ( self service assistance)

If you selected the less expensive subscription of "Map NO TECH SUPPORT", This option DOES NOT

includes technician support

This option will not be covered by a live technician in tickets, phone call back or remote desktop support.
This option is self service from the knowledge base here 
Service option upgrades are available and can be purchased through the online store here

Map + VIP support 

If you selected the  "Map + VIP support" OR if your instrument is under warranty.
This option INCLUDES live technician in tickets, phone call back or remote desktop support.
You must first open a support ticket. Click here for instruction on how to open a support ticket  

To open a support ticket click here: I know how to open a ticket 

Search the knowledge base 
In most cases you will find an article, from a few keywords or a video about your question or problem in the search.
We have thousands of clients, so most questions are documented. We make detailed explanations, with images and step by step... Give it a try, we worked hard on this !

How fast can I get an answer 

We are open from 8AM to 8 PM EST. Montreal, Canada.
Depending on the volume , we answer request between 5 to 60 minutes during open hours. ( sometimes outside when in overtime, YES we do a lot of it... )  

If tech support requires a direct contact to help, or a remote support cession is required, we will contact you by the ticket and later by phone and via remote screen.

If you are mad , disappointed or frustrated
(We are sorry, we try to make everyone happy ) 

Map NO TECH SUPPORT is a subscription model made to lower the cost for experienced user.

If you selected this option, but requires support from an online technician, this option is not suitable for you .

In this case you can upgrade your subscription in order to get the VIP support.

You can purchase an upgrade to get the VIP support. 

Open a service ticket and let us know your intention to get a VIP support upgrade

Is you warranty still active ?
If your Triplogik is still covered by the 1 year warranty,  VIP support is included.
You only need to purchase the "Map only" subscription.
Please include your proof of purchase when opening your ticket.  



Technical Support Options

Self-service Support
The self-service support is based on the FAQ data and articles on the technical support site of TripLogik
This type of economic support does not include assistance from a technician in the event of a problem.
The Self-Service support is mainly designed for users experienced in IT or to help you solve problems outside of business hours.

VIP technical support
Includes self-service support and assistance from a technician in the event of a technical problem*.
This type of support allows you for personal assistance.

Enterprise and SMB 

Rebates for small companies ( 10 and up) 
As you can now combine your mapping membership with a VIP technical assistance service,
Membership + assistance prices are adjusted with a discount, depending on the length of the period selected.

Large enterprises and fleet of more than 25 instruments
If you own more than 25 instruments, please contact TripLogik for customized corporate pricing .
Enterprise prices are only available for 25 or more instruments under one account.
User groupings are not eligible.

* technical assistance does not include operation and training found in manuals and video. It does not include troubleshooting your computer or installing or configuring printer drivers.
** Please note that the type of assistance is relative to your instrument serial number and not the user. If you have several instruments in one account, the type of assistance must be the same for each instrument. MAp only is not available for enterprise accounts.

***Prices shown do not include sales taxes. Total invoice will include GST and PST
Invoice are from Carbon14 innovations inc / TripLogik GST:728566290RT0001 PST:1224519237TQ0001
Unpaid invoices will be cancelled after 10 days. If any price change occurs, new invoice will be the price.