By default , the Manager uses international time and date format.
If you would like the Manager to use your existing Windows 10 regional settings, follow the steps below.

( like using US date format notation) 

In the Manager 2.0

  1. Open the Manager 2.0 
  2. Click on the "Settings" menu
  3. In the general tab, select "Default" in the interface language

Default setting will force the Manager top reuse the Windows data settings by default.

Date and time your local format, whatever way you set it in Windows

PLEASE RESTART the Manager once the settings are changed 

Once the Manager restarts, dates and time will be as set in Windows local format

Extra information 

If you need to setup the format in your Windows 10

In Windows 10

Right click on the Windows Icon

Click on Settings

Select "Time & Language"

Select "Date, Time, & regional formatting"

Use "Change Data format" to make time and date the way you like it