If you are using a laptop with non standard screen resolutions, a Surface Pro tablet or widescreen high resolution 4K display, you might notice that some text resolution or windows are not scaled properly, and it would look like the Manager is not working.

Issues with small fonts "tiny text" can be caused by programs that are optimized for normal DPI resolutions causing others displays to show fonts so small that they can be hard to read.
If you run into this kind of issues with the Manager follow instruction on how to set the windows resolution for the application.

Screen resolution might need to be adjusted again if you upgrade or change version.
This procedure is valid for any software, not just the Manager.

External monitor 
If you are working with Desktop applications like TripLogik Manager, MS Excel, MS word, it is strongly suggested to use them on a normal desktop monitor. Please read about this option in the external monitor section below

How to fix basic screen resolution of an application
(Note : This solution is applicable to any other software with this issue)
Microsoft is providing an adjustment for those who use this type of computer to help them adjust their screen resolution

  1. Right click on the Manager Icon
  2. Open the Properties menu
  3. In the Properties menu Select the Compatibility tab (1)
    click on Change High DPI settings

Check the High DPI scaling override and Select "Application"

Depending on your Laptop and screen, you might need to test other settings than Application as it varies from one manufacturer to another)  
- You might need to restart the Manager for the setting to take effect
- You might need to restart Windows  

Size of the fonts

If you have very small fonts on your Surface pro or touch screen laptop

Some of the newer laptop with touch screens and mobile devices uses new non standard screen resolutions and all kinds of new features not found on desktop or normal laptops. In many cases, using this kind of device with a typical desktop application, without an external monitor, can be challenging. Devices like the Microsoft Surface tablet are too small to host a full size desktop application.. 

It is generally accepted that those devices be ported to an external monitor for this usage or changing the size of the font on the device itself can help. In the explanations below , you can take advantage of the customization options provided by Microsoft in order to enlarge the font size. This this solution is not always consistent on very small screens, but can help if you are not willing to use a desktop monitor.

Open the “Screen Resolution” menu,  
To open it,  swipe from the right side of your Surface screen, and click on  “Search”  on top of the sidebar.
type “Display”  in the search box to show  the settings option. 
Select the display option and click on  “Display”  to open the menu

By default, the text on the Surface Pro will be set to 100%. 
Select whichever larger text size option you prefer, and apply it to change it.

Last Important step
Once you have changed the setting, you will have to logout of Windows then log back in to enable the new setting .

External monitor option

Most laptops today incorporate an HDMI or mini Display port to connect to a larger external monitor.
Tables alone are usually not made to run desktop application in a very efficient way, mainly because of the size of the screen.

In recent years, some smaller laptop and tablets like Surface pro make use of the USB C port along with an external adaptor to provide an HDMI or Display port.
The adaptor will depend on the external screen you will be using.
For a display such as a HDTV or projector, you may need a Mini DisplayPort adapter.
For a TV or computer monitor with only HDMI type of input, you will require a HDMI cable and an HDMI adaptor.

Microsoft has an explanation page dedicated to this topic in the link below .
Microsoft explanation on external monitor for Surface Pro

Many videos on how to configure your Surface Pro with a desktop Monitor

How to connect external displays to your Surface

Hardware Item you might need to install an external monitor

 Microsoft USB-C® Travel Hub

Includes HDMI monitor output, USB , USB c, Ethernet wired

Surface USB-C to HDMI Adapter

Includes HDMI monitor output only