If you are using a laptop with non standard screen resolutions, widescreen or a high resolution 4K display, you might notice that some text resolution or windows are not scaled properly, and it would look like the Manager is not working.

Issues with small fonts "tiny text" can be caused by programs that are optimized for normal DPI resolutions causing others displays to show fonts so small that they can be hard to read.
If you run into this kind of issues with the Manager follow instruction on how to set the windows resolution for the application.

Screen resolution might need to be adjusted again if you upgrade or change version.
This procedure is valid for any software, not just the Manager.

How to fix you screen resolution

  1. Right click on the Manager Icon
  2. Open the Properties menu

In the Properties menu Select the Compatibility tab

1- Check the High DPI scaling override 
2 - Select "Application"


- Depending on your Laptop and screen, you might need to test other settings than Application as it varies from one manufacturer to another)  
- You might need to restart the Manager for the setting to take effect
- You might need to restart Windows