This instruction will explain:

Information included in a trip 
The concept of Trips VS places 
how to add descriptions and notes to a trip 
Now to rename and/ or give a description to a places.

Information included in a trip 
Every trip includes 
The day , Date , Start time, end time, total time of trip, the distance.
The second like with the green flag is where the trip started ( the origin).
The third line with the checkered flag is the end of the trip ( the Destination).

On the left is a colored bar to quickly identify the type of trip this is. ( by default green is personal, blue is business) 

Selecting a trip (highlighting it in orange) will show the trip on the map (on the right)

The concept of Trips VS places 

Places are all the Origin and Destination address you have visited with the TripLogik.

By default trips will only have an address or coordinates
Those addresses are provided by the TripLogik Map server. In some cases if you are in a place with no 


Trips will include and Origin and a Destination along with all of the time and distance information.
Trips are not named , but you can give it a description and add extra notes.

On top of the map, you will notice the trip information editor
This editor can be open or closed, depending on the last state it was set to.

Locate the circle with an arrow pointing up or down ( on the top left of the map, beside "Edit Trip")
to open or close the editor.

Information about the selected trip is shown in the edit trip window

A trip is always composed of a stat address (origin) and a destination address (destination)
Origin and destinations are referred to as "places".

In the Trip editor,  you can add a description and notes for this particular this.

The "Description" and "Note" will only apply to this trip.

From the Trip editor it is possible to edit places 

This will open this place ( location) in the Place menu editor
Notice the description is always the same as the GPS address . The reason for this is to be able to use one or the other in the report generator, and to keep a record of the true address of this place

We suggest you only change the Description field

  1. You can put the client name only , add the client name before the address, or whatever reference you would like.
  2. You can Also change the category of this place to business (if this is a business location you often go to )
    This feature enable the system to automatically set this place as business trip, even if you did not press while driving
  3. You can also adjust the position of the pin and the circumference of the place to include any possible place you would park.  

In the Report the description is used by default, so the client name will show as it was entered.