There are many situation a USB connection can go wrong

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The TL1000 does NOT use a specific driver . The communication is insured by the standard, default Microsoft USB driver.

Problems with USB drivers are frequent on microsoft Machines and are usually caused by Microsoft updates. 

The drivers most often affected are the standard Windows drivers and printer drivers making them disappear, or simply disfonctional and need reinstalling.

Always verify recent updated.


If you plug in the Triplogik for the first time, you should expect the device to appear in your windows USB list within a few minutes.

Depending on your version of Windows , and if you have all of the latest updates, of it your PC was recently updated.
Detection can take a long time. (even if it was working before).


We always suggest you install the TL1000 Triplogik on your computer BEFORE using it into your car.

If you have any other devices than a mouse and a keyboard plugged into your PC, including USB hub, we suggest unplugging them before for testing.

Windows USB Drivers

The first time you connect the TL1000 to your PC, Windows will look into its own USB driver database

Be aware that this could take several minutes, (could take up to 5 minutes)

If you don't have an internet connection, this might even never work, as Microsoft sometimes relies on external driver updates,

If your Windows version doesn't have a proper update, a "device not found" will show up.
NOTE This is not a specific driver for the TripLogik. The USB driver is the generic USB internal device driver from Microsoft.

There are no TripLogik driver. 

Clean Physical Connections

Apart from driver problems, there are also bad USB cables, damaged or dirty connections.

Just like any portable devices like cell phones, USB connections are exposed to the elements and might require a cleaning

Although the connector on the TL1000 and the cable are gold plated terminal, salt, dust and other contaminants can degrade the conductivity.

Most of the time, it can be cleaned with a bit of contact cleaner or simple alcohol.

Even if the device is working in the car, it doesn't exclude dirty connection. The car OBD power supply only uses 2 pins for power, but none of communication.

USB Detection problem

In some situation, bad registry can cause a USB device to become undetectable.

Changing USB port connection on the PC can sometimes solve this issue as the PC will register the device as a new one on a different port.

Please make sure the cable and connector is clean and in good condition.

Allow enough time for the PC to find the device ( 1 to 10 minutes with a good live internet connection to the PC)

Bad registry input in your Windows

Windows uses a registry to determine what equipment and where this equipment is connected to on your PC

In the event the registry is wrong, you can try to "clean" it using a registry cleaner.

There are many free versions on the market, one of them is called "CCleaner"

Scanning ,cleaning the registry, rebooting your PC can sometimes solve unavailable devices.

This utility is a third party application, and Triplogik cannot be liable for any bad result from using this utility.

Use at your own risk.

Please beware of some magical software that are made to make your PC faster and cleaner, they usually are not.

We have used CCleaner for many years, and it is generally considered a safe software by IT community.

Link to registry cleaner review

We also suggest reading the "TOOLS for troubleshooting USB devices" below in this article

More USB trouble shooting below

NOTE  It is always desirable to unplug your USB device before doing any of the install uninstall

Tips for solving problems with USB devices from Microsoft

Dead USB Port? Here’s How to Diagnose and Fix It!

What to do when your USB device doesn't work

Erase all traces of old connected USB Drives from Windows PC and start fresh

USB drive or flash problems? How to cleanup and remove old USB storage drivers

TOOLS for troubleshooting USB devices and drivers (FOR EXPERIENCED USERS) 

All of the following tools and information are not related to TripLogik. We strongly suggest you use those tools only of you are experienced or if you are supervised by an experienced PC technician.  TripLogik is not responsible for any damage or bad results, Please use at your own risk.



USBOblivion erases all traces of USB-connected drivers

If your driver was damaged and can't be reinstalled and giving you a hard time detecting the device.
You can use this software to "Reset" drivers

If your PC was upgraded to Windows 10 from a previous version, or if your PC is more than 3 years old, this can be a solution.

Make sure your USB devices are not connected to the PC and reboot the PC after

Link to the software page

Alternate link to USB Oblivion


An other utility to reset USB and force windows to reload drivers 

USB PORT FIXER 2017-03-16

USBDeview  from NirSoft

NorSoft has many interesting tools for diagnostics of USB ports and Windows registry

One of them is called USBDeview to monitor USB devices

Download USBDeview here