The situation on the industry standard.
Leaving electronic devices inside a vehicle during cold weather may not be a good idea and can cause severe damage depending on how the equipment was made.
Cold temperature can reduce battery effectiveness and in some case cold can lead to damage of some internal components.

Electronic manufacturers usually have operating guidelines. For example, Apple recommends the iPhones, iPads and others,  operate between 0C (32F) and  (35 F).
Samsung, on the other hand, guarantees its product to work between -20C (-4F)  and 50C (122 F).

How does TripLogik stand up ? 

Although common components are usually limited within the -10 to + 50C ,  the overall conception and part quality used in a circuit can heal better performance.

Triplogik had been tested in real life situation by many clients around the world for the past 9 years in weather between -30C and 70C 

TripLogik uses an automotive grade circuit board protection over it's internal components that keeps harmful humidity from penetrating the parts and PCB. 

This not only ensure the device to work in low weather, but also greatly lengthen it's possible useful life in harsh vehicle environment.

Another feature of the TL1000 is the USB connector. This part is a close relative to the military grade. Its internal contacts are gold-plated 30 micron thick.

Compared to normal USB plugs,  using 0.5 micron flash plating, this is 60x thicker than normal protection.

Why am I having a Problem when it is cold 

If the logger is connected to the OBD power source and placed on the dash, the fact that it is powered will most likely keep it working.

We have run many tests since for the that last 9 years, but it seems to vary from car to car, mainly because of the car battery condition and general car starting needs.

  • Low car voltage will cause the internal computer to freeze up

Even if the unit is already running, when the car is started in -30C temperature, in some condition, the voltage of the car battery can drop below 9 Volts.

Car starters will draw a lot more current as the mechanical parts are harder to move. 

Like any other computer device, unstable voltage may freeze up the internal processor and stop it from functioning properly.

In this particular situation, it will require some warming up and a reset ( unplug and reconnect).

  • Why is my TL1000 logger restating ?

Low-voltage condition can trigger a reset to the unit. 
At this point, the logger gets restarted and will try to get a new fix to the GPS satellite signal.

When a logger initiates a start, it will require time to communicate with the GPS satellites and get its first fix back from the satellites (from 20 to 180sec)

If this is the first time in the morning, chances are you are warming up the car, and may even need to scrape the windows.

If the logger is placed besides or close to the defroster air vent, chances are it will be warm enough to start working.
Note that the logger may need to be reset even if it is now warm enough.

  • North Pole Arctic Temperature !


If you forget the logger in the car, unplugged from the power or if you are using the cigarette adapter. Warm up the unit before powering.

Some users ( in Alaska and Yukon) have reported that they bring the unit inside their house in extreme winter season so it is faster to use.
As the car warms up, the unit gets a faster fix on satellites. So it works right away after the car is warm enough to go. ( While the car warms up, it has time to get its connection to satellites.)

Yukon, Alaska and some Alberta users do need to remove it from the car at night as it is too cold to operate in the morning.

Reported temperature was below -30C (-34F) 

Other trick users have been reporting doing is to put it in their shirt pocket as they clean and scrape the car.
By the time they are done, the logger is warm enough to run. You only need to give it some time to do its first fix to start tracking.

  • Ensure your instrument is ready before you drive 

If you start driving before the satellite signal is properly connected, it will take longer.

GPS devices have a harder time getting their first connection signal while they are moving.

Once this connection is established, there will not be any delays.

This is why we insist users install the OBD power module, as this is always powered.

If you have been using the cigarette lighter 12V adapter, try using the supplied OBD (square cable) for better results.

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