Other technical references

All other technical not directly related to using the TripLogik

How to make a Screen Capture or a Video Capture
Take a screenshot and add it to the ticket. Press the Windows + Shift + S keys. The desktop darkens while you select an area for your screenshot. Selec...
Thu, 28 Sep, 2023 at 11:40 AM
Latest Firmware for TripLogik TL1000 1.25
The firmware update is a sensitive procedure. By using this software, you agree to take full responsibility. TripLogik will not be responsible for any loss,...
Wed, 6 Jul, 2022 at 4:17 PM
How can I tell where the GPS satellites are ?
NOTE This information is not directly related to the use of Triplogik , but it is provided fun and for general satellite information only.  GPS satellite...
Sat, 11 Apr, 2020 at 2:50 PM
Using in Cold Weather
The situation on the industry standard.   Leaving electronic devices inside a vehicle during cold weather may not be a good idea and can cause severe damage...
Fri, 22 Mar, 2024 at 5:25 PM
Getting access to windows God mode ( for debug)
What is it  By using a special folder you can exposes most of Windows’ admin management settings, and Control Panel tools in a single interface. How to g...
Fri, 10 Apr, 2020 at 12:18 PM
Unable to download files in Chrome? Here is the reason!
Since the last version of Chrome released last october (version 86 in 2020), EXE files and some other don't seem to be downloading anymore. When you us...
Tue, 24 Nov, 2020 at 3:18 PM