Take a screenshot and add it to the ticket.

  1. Press the Windows + Shift + S keys. The desktop darkens while you select an area for your screenshot. Select the full screen or the Manager is open.  
  2. Rectangular mode is selected by default. You can change the shape of your cut by choosing one of the following options from the toolbar: Rectangular Mode, Window Mode, Full Screen Mode, and Free Form Mode.
  3. The screenshot is automatically copied to your clipboard. A notification also appears once you have finished taking a screenshot, select it to get more editing options.
  4. In the Triplogik ticket, place the cursor where the image is to be inserted and press CTRL + V 

Where is my print screen?

Once you have captured the screen, it is in your clipboard.

You can also send the screenshot as an attachment  

You can send an image file in a ticket, using the "Attach files" button 

Please do not send Word or PDF document, image file only.