Making a screen capture is quite simple.

How to make a screenshot
1) As soon as you have what you want on the screen, hold the CTRL button and press the "Print Screen" button. 
2) In the ticket, position the cursor where you want to add the image
3) Press the "CTRL + V " to paste the image (or right click on the mouse and select paste)

To save your screenshot as a file
Press the “Windows + Prtscn” key. On some laptops and other devices, you may

have to press the “Windows + Ctrl + Prtscn” keys or the “Windows + Fn + Prtscn” key.
Check with your computer manual for more information.

The screen will fade for a moment and you will see that the screenshot appears as a file in a folder called “Screenshots” within your default “Pictures” folder. The screenshot is automatically labeled with a number. 

Note about buttons
Some keyboards might have different marking on the key like “PrtScn”, “PrtSc” or just "Print".
Doing this will not save the image of the screen, it will makes a copy in the screen in your Windows clipboard.

Where is my print screen ?
Once you have made a capture of the screen, don't panic, it it's invisible in your clipboard.

Inserting your image in a ticket 

COPY and PASTE in the ticket directly 

Position your cursor in the ticket where you would like to insert the image.
Press and hold Ctrl + V to paste the image from the clipboard into your ticket.

Sending us the screen capture 


You can send image file in a ticket,  by using the "Attach files" button 

Please don't send word or PDF document , any image file format is OK

Specific tools

There are many specific tools to make advanced screen capture easier.

One of the best available here is FastStone capture