The firmware update is a sensitive procedure. By using this software, you agree to take full responsibility. TripLogik will not be responsible for any loss, or damage or password corruption. we have done thousands of updates, and the only circumstance your password will be corrupted, is if procedure is not followed. TripLogik WILL CHARGE YOU A FEE TO FIX YOUR INSTRUMENT, IF YOU DID NOT FOLLOW THE PROCEDURE, . DATA WILL NOT BE RETRIEVABLE.  If you do not agree, please do not update your firmware.

Two reasons to update your instrument 

Internal program improvement or bug

The main reason for this firmware update: leap year date error on February 29.
Since 2012 the TL1000 firmware has been updated to correct a bug that only occurs in leap years.
The report will indicate an incorrect date assigned to the trips recorded on February 29. Without this update, all moves made on Fed 29 will be marked as done on 28 . This bug does not change the total mileage in the report, it only shows an incorrect date.

Reinstall to repair damaged firmware

If you have installed the TL1000 on a car multimedia port that damaged it 

Update instructions 

Download the Firmware from one of the links below

Site 1 TL1000 1.25 Firmware

Site 2  TL1000 1.25 Firmware


You may get a message from your browser as below.

This is normal because it's an exe file of our server not listed and unknown by the verification systems.

Click Do not block again  then Continue to site 

More help about this here How to add files to my OK list 



  1. Close all other applications
  2. Open the firmware updater 1.25
  3. Connect the TL1000
  4. When the TL is detected, you can see the version already installed
  5. Click "install" to start the update
  6. When completed, close the software and unplug the TL1000
  7. Open the Manager 2.0 and connect the instrument to your PC

By using this software, you agree to take full responsibility. 
TripLogik will not be responsible for any loss of data, damage or password corruption.