WINDOWS 10 et 11  

Windows 10 and 11 contains a widely documented "bug" about USB ports not always detecting the devices 
which are connected to it or turning it off as it detects too low of a current.

What can this do to the Manager :

  • Unable to connect to the instrument
  • Instrument shut down while transferring data
  • Intermittent instrument connection

Why is your device not powering up or turns off ?

The problem is caused by Windows 10 ( and 11) which can power down devices on your USB 3 to put them in sleep.
This situation has for consequence to cut the supply to the device and turn it off, even if it’s in the list of devices still connected.

Once windows has turned OFF the USB port, the TripLogik instrument will stop communicating. The Manager application will show an error, and it can’t recognize the device !

Our solution ( because Microsoft has none ! )

It is possible to deactivate this function by using the registry editor. This is generally performed by an IT specialist, or at least an experience user.

This leads us to create an application which allows making these manipulations for you in a few clicks and without any computing knowledge.

Follow the instructions below to do this!

This application modifies the Windows registry to stop the OS from ever shutting down the USB while in use.
This solution can only work if you have 100% admin rights and you tell your anti-virus not to block this application to write the command in the registry.
If the application does not succeed , it's not a bug, it's because your Windows config is not letting the application write the flag in your registry. In this case, contact your IT service so they can unlock or do it for you.


Close all other applications using the USB , such as the Manager 

Connect your instrument in the USB port of your PC

It is possible that the LED turns ON and goes off or that it remains lit.
If an error message displays, simply close the window for the moment.
Using a different port can also help , if it doesn’t work, try a different port or cable.


  • Start the software from the hard disk or desktop, wherever it was downloaded , DO not start it in the browser .

This software must be started in administrator mode
Thus make sure you have administration right on your PC.

If you are not certain, simply right click with the software icon.
A menu will appear. Selected the second option "Run as administrator. "

If you don't have administration privileges, your computer will prevent you from running the software.

In this case please ask your IT administrator to run it for you.


If you get a security warning message like the following image.

Click "Run" to continue



When the software starts

  • 1) Select the language to use ( from the flags)
  • 2) Accepted conditions of use ( select I agree )
  • 3) Click on OK


If you had already connected your device (several minutes before)

  • 1) The software will show the serial number of your TripLogik and it will already be selected.
  • 2) If it is not the case, connect your device and click Refresh
  • 3) If your device is shown, click Run


If the application has successfully modified your settings, a green check mark will display next to your serial number.
You can click "Exit" to close the application.

Further to this modification, Windows 10 will not deactivate the device any more


This modification ONLY affects the TripLogik USB connection and cannot settle any other communications problem with other devices using USB3 on windows 10


Disconnect the TripLogik from your computer, wait 3 seconds and reconnect it.

Your device can now remain ON permanently and will prevent Windows 10 from deactivating it.

This will effectively prevent Windows from turning OFF the device and creating itself an "unknown device error."


ATTENTION Manager 2.0 is not supported Windows 8
Windows 7 will not be supported anymore when Microsoft stop supporting it on January 14, 2020

This situation can be caused by windows updating its USB drivers in Win 7 or 8
If the device was never connected on the PC or it was possibly on a different USB port,
Windows will try to verify the validity of its USB driver, and in some case it can take as long as 5 minutes.

TripLogik does not use a particular driver. It uses the standard of being included in Windows.

On most recent updates of windows, you need to leave Windows a longer time to find or validate its driver the first time you plug in the TripLogik

Please note Windows needs to have access to the internet in order to access to its diver updates.

To verify and see the process is happening in the background,  click the arrow in the bottom right ( close to the clock)


Select the device USB discovery icon (Do not confuse it with ejecting a device icon)

The USB discovery is usually animated




This will open the window Driver information
The green circle will turn to indicate that Windows is looking for its driver or its update


When Windows has identified his own driver, it will install it automatically


When Windows ends its update, the USB driver will say, "Ready to use"
The blue LED of the device will turn ON.

If it is not immediately the case, simply disconnect the TripLogik for 3 seconds and to reconnect in the same USB port.