The TL1000 use a different sound to inform or remind you of an event.

Start of a new trip

As you start driving, if the instrument is ready to log a two tone sound will be emitted.

This is to tell you the logger is working, and connected to the satellites and to remind you to tell it what type of trip you are about to start...

Looking for Satellite OR Instrument Memory Full

  1.  When you plug in the TL1000 in your car, the instrument will immediately start looking for the satellite’s signal, in order to make its initial signal lock. While this is going on, the blue button will be flashing and the 'looking for satellite tone will sound until it has enough to start operating. 
  2. If the instrument is beeping and never connecting to the satellites, this can be a sign the memory is full. For more info on how to erase memory, please consult the link to Erase Memory 


Memory is full

If the TL1000 memory is close to its maximum limit, a similar tone will be heard from time to time.

The Triplogik TL1000 can store between 50,000KM and 70,000KM.  If the memory space of the instrument approaches the end, it will make warning beeps that will sound closer and closer depending on the urgency of the reduced memory space.

To remedy this problem, you need to erase the data in the instrument’s internal memory,

  1. connect the TL1000 to your computer
  2. Synchronize the device and make sure to back up the data
  3. Click on the "intrument" menu and select "Delete data from instrument" 


After erasing, the TL1000 will take between 1 and 4 minutes to reset the first time it is reconnected to the car.

This time it will be longer if you drive, because the connection to the satellites is more difficult in motion.

The erasure is done when the TL1000 is connected to a source other than a PC. If you have deleted your data by mistake, it can be recovered as long as the instrument is not plugged into the car, in the meantime.

Satellites Found

Once the process of finding the proper satellite signal is completed, a single solid tone will sound.

Split a Trip

If you need to start a new trip and the delay is too short for the logger to know about it. You can hold the button down until the new trip signal is completed. (And any time, even if you are moving, hold down the button, wait until the signal is over, then release the button.)


Power Supply Warning

If the power cable is not connected properly and is turning on/off, the unit will detect the supply variation and will emit a warning sound to let you know there is something wrong with its power supply. This can happen if you are not using the supplied OBD adapter, as cigarette lighter plus are often very poor at staying in place.
It can also happen if the mini USB connector is not properly inserted, or if it is dirty or corroded due to a lack of maintenance, or simply stretched to the point it is not keeping in place.

Over Speed Warning

If the over speed is enabled in the instrument, the sound below will be turning on speed whenever you are driving above the limit you have selected. It will wait for the time configured and replete itself as long as you are over the limit.

This function must be set using the manager software with the TL1000. you must connect the TL1000 to the PC in order to configure the logger.

The speed warning is a configuration in the device. To change it, you must connect the device to your computer and open the Manager software.

  1. Connect the instrument to your computer
  2. Click on the configuration menu
  3. Select the Instrument
  4. Activate the alerts
  5. Select the maximum alert speed
  6. OK to program the instrument

We suggest setting the minimum time between 120 and 255 seconds.

Please respect the speed limits.

Triplogik is not responsible for your tickets  by using this system.


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