When the TL1000 starts beeping for no apparent reason, there is a good change the memory is getting full. When memory get full, it will stop working.

It is recommended to delete the data from the TL1000 instrument every 2 or 3 months or at least every year.

  • Deleting the internal memory will make your data transfer faster.  
  • If you had any data errors, unless you delete the internal memory of the instrument, you will keep getting the same error again every time you do a Sync.

Important NOTE 

Always Backup your data file ( Learn how to backup your data here )

How to determine the amount of memory left in the instrument and delete the data inside the instrument

  1. In the Manager 2.0 , connect the TL1000 to the PC
  2. Click on the Settings Menu and select "Instrument"
  3. If you have multiple instrument , you might have the select the instrument from the list
    The currently used memory will show in the instrument information section
  4. Click on the 'Delete all trips inside the instrument" button  

A warning message will show up to confirm this action

What to do next 

  • Connect the instrument in the car 
  • As the instrument turns on, it will begin to format it's internal memory. This can take a few minutes.
  • In this mode, the device will not be functional . If you start driving, it will not work.
  • DO NOT UNPLUG the TL1000 for at least 3 minutes 

Once the memory is cleared, the instrument will connect to the satellites signal , and will resume it's normal operation.

Other way of formatting the memory 

Download the Bulk Eraser Tool from the TripLogik website 

  • Start the utility and connect the TL1000 to your PC
  • Click on Erase

Do not unplug the TL1000 instrument from the PC as it is being erased.