TripLogik offers a simple utility to backup your data

What this utility is used for .

  • Backup
    All of your data ( copy entire database to a location of your choice)
  • Restore
    When reinstalling the Manager on the same or multiple computers. Or to load an other users data.
    ( restore a previously backup database file from the same user or other users)

  • Fresh Restart  
    Clear all data to restart the Manager like new , while using a new or existing account 

Download and start the Backup utility

Download the backup utility from one of the following links

Link 1 TripLogik_DataAdmin.exe
Link 2 TripLogik_DataAdmin.exe

1) ensure the Manager application is closed
2) All of our software are digitally signed with microsoft, but if you run an older version of windows,
It's possible Microsoft will asks you to confirm that this software is not a pirate software.
Click on Run Anyway if this is the case  

Main screen of the TripLogik Database utility 


To save your database, which includes your login, click on the Backup button.

Select the location where you want to save your file, such as a USB stick or external drive or network.

Restoring the data file
  • To restore your database, which includes your login, click the Restore button.

    If you already have a data file, which may be empty if you transfer from a PC to a new PC, the following message will be displayed.

If you click Yes a backup of the existing file will be made before replacing it with your data. 

If you click No, the existing file will be replaced with your data without backup.

Afterwards, go to the location where your backup file is located and select the last backup file.

Select the backup file   

The file name consists of the TripLogikDatabase name plus the date and time of your backup.

Ex. TripLogikDatabase_202146_1616.db  (indicates a backup made on April 6, 2021 at 16:16 ) 

Once the restore is complete, close the utility and start the TripLogik Manager application.

Fresh Restart 

If you are having difficulties with the Manager Database, and would like to make it into a fresh restart.

  • Click on Restart New  ( you have the option of saving old data , just in case)  
  • Close the utility 
  • Download the last version of the Manager here Software Download Page
  • Install the Manager 
  • When Manager starts , reuse the same account credential you were using.

    Warning, if you create a new account, Manager will not let you add your instrument.
    Since the instrument is technically owned in someone else's account, it cannot be reused in your new account.


Other things to verify 

Adding your instrument 
Add a new instrument and assign it to a user

Double-check your instrument settings
Instrument internal setting, no light, no sound, no signal ?

Check that Windows 10 doesn't shutdown your instrument
Instrument do not turn on when connected to a car USB port

Pay your membership 
How do I pay for my membership? Is my instrument registered ?