Following the installation of Manager 2.0, your instrument may seem to no longer work in the car.

No light no sound etc.

If you did not pay attention to the instrument configuration, when adding the instrument to Manager 2.0, recheck the parameter configuration in the instrument

How to do this 

Open the Manager Manager 2.0 

  1. Plug in the instrument
  2. Open the Settings menu and select the instrument tab
  3. Select the instrument from the list (in the instrument name list)
  4. Check that the default settings are the same as in the image below
  5. Click on OK

If no check mark is selected, the instrument will operate in stealth mode and will not show any signs of operation. 

No light or sound. The instrument is working , but not showing any lights or sound.



If your instrument does not appear to work in the vehicle, Check the physical connections , the power source.
you can also test the instrument and the power supply cable in a different car or with a different power source that is always ON .

Plug the instrument into a phone charger in the house, (using the PC cable) and place it close to a window for GPS signal.