The TL1000 will NOT work on a car USB multimedia sockets

Please consult the Instrument not turning on in car

Some fact about how the TL1000 works 

When connected to the OBD Cable

When the instrument is connected to the OBD cable, there is no communication between the instrument and another device. In this configuration, the instrument operates in record mode.

When connected to the PC

When the instrument is connected to a computer, there is communication between the PC and the instrument. In this configuration the instrument does not record, because it is in communication mode, in order to transmit its data to the Manager application.

When connected to a car multimedia USB port 

When the instrument is connected to a USB port in your car, the car’s multimedia center will try to communicate with the instrument. In this configuration the instrument will be in the same mode as if it were connected to a PC. 

No recording will be possible, so the instrument will not seem to work normally.


Many car multimedia interface are known to attempt to write in the TL1000.

This can damage the firmware (i.e., the internal software of the instrument) and make it unusable.

If you accidentally plug it into a multimedia socket and then into the OBD cable, it will no longer work.

See the following article Latest Firmware for TripLogik TL1000 1.25 to reprogram the internal firmware of the instrument.

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