Check internal parameter of the instrument 

Connect the instrument on the PC and check it's parameters

Link here to  How to check instrument parameters 

Are you trying to use a car USB multimedia port ?

The TL1000 will NOT work on a car USB multimedia sockets.

  • USB ports are mostly turned OFF by the ignition key
  • They are connected to the car radio. It will try to communicate with the Instrument an prevent it from recording   

Link here to more explanations  Instrument does not turn on when connected to a car USB port

Are you using the provided OBD power supply? 

If you are using the provided OBD power cable, you need to determine , by elimination, if the cable, the instrument or the car OBD plug itself is at fault.

Step 1
- Check the internal configuration of the instrument. See instructions How to check instrument parameters 

If all OK go to step 2

Plug instrument into your PC 

  1. Settings
  2. instrument tab
  3. Check the instrument setting are like in step 3 of image below
  4. Check the instrument setting are like in step 4 of image below


Step 2
Check if the instrument will turn on with a known good source of power  

  1.  Plug the instrument to a standard phone charger, using the USB cable used to plug into the PC
  2.  Place instrument close to a window to let the instrument receive the GPS signal.

- If is doesn't turn ON, read the Problem solving guide (trouble shooting)  to test your instrument 

- If it turns ON, it's a sign the OBD cable is not working or not getting any power from the car. Go to step 3

Step 3 

Check the car power source and local power supply  

     Most cars have a fuse for the OBD port , please check if the fuse is OK 

You can also test the OBD power supply cable on a different car. 

- If the instrument works , there is an issue with your OBD port in the car 
- If the instrument dosent work, the cable is probably at fault. 

    Replace the cable Replacement cables here