A quick explanation of the parts, 

Why and how they are used together

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Power supply

The TL1000 kit includes a patented OBDII power supply ( large rectangular cable with a USB end) .
his power supply if always ON and will ensure the GPS is already connected to the satellites and ready to go anytime you start driving.

We DO NOT recommend using cigarette lighter adapter as they are not reliable and tend to disconnect easily, turning off the unit and creating inconsistent trips.

DO NOT use any integrated car USB to power the TL1000 . Most of those are also linked to the car audio systems.
If the car system tries to communicate with the instrument, If the TL1000 will detect a communication link, For the instrument, this is a signal to put itself in communication mode and will therefore STOP any recording.

Some car radio will also try to write to the TL1000 and will render it unusable. This condition is detectable and is not covered by warranty.

We highly recommend the OBDii power supply module because it enables the instrument to be permanently powered and ready immediately as you start driving.
For more information on fitting the OBDii module view the Support page or the "how to" slide show video Please see the how to video section here

Location of the Logger

The recommended location is near the driver side window pillar. This location is not a technical requirement, but it prevents being a distraction and is easy to reach in order to press the button without taking your eyes off the road.

This location makes it easy to route the cables in a much simpler and secured way.
Fitting and Installing

  • Clean the area.
  • Remove the protective film from the sticky pad ( small black or transparent rubber circle)
  • Pad it in your hands a few times to make it less sticky.
  • apply it to the base of the logger first.
  • Carefully place it in position where it can be reached in the driving position.

Once the power module is connected, route the cable up to the logger, preferably by the side of the door seal.
Tie up and secure the cable out of the way using the cable tie.
Please see how to video section about installing the device in the car.

Wait until the instrument stops flashing before driving. When flashing, the instrument is looking for a valid satellite signals.

Software Installation

To ensure you have the very latest version, Triplogik Manager is supplied as an on-line download.
Simply download and run the Installation from here: Triplogik Manager installation
Once you have downloaded the file, simply run it, and follow the given instructions.

If you are using Windows 10 please read and install the Microsoft USB port bug fix


We consider the privacy of your data of paramount importance. To enable your travel data to be kept secure, we encrypt the data saved in the logger using a password as a key. Once out of the box, the password is not unique, so anyone can see where you have been. We recommend therefore that you change it at the earliest convenience.

1) Connect the logger to your PC
2) Run Triplogik Manager
3) Select Logger / Change password
4) Follow the instructions on screen.
5) Write a copy of your password down and save it somewhere secure.

Please note that it is impossible for a user to change the password without knowing the previous password. This means that if the logger is lost or stolen it will not be usable.

Be careful before changing a password
You must download your logger to your computer as changing the password will delete all the data inside the logger.

To retrieve the existing password you must contact us with proof of purchase in order to get the device restored.
Please take note of your password, as there are fees associated with the password restore of a device.

for more info about password restore, consult the Password retrieval help
TripLogik do not store your password. It is encrypted inside the Hardware device. Therefor TripLogik can not "send you your password"
Password is the responsibility of its owner.
Changing a password will delete all existing data inside the device.


Once the system in installed and ready, please do a test drive to get some sample data in the instrument
After the short trip, you can do a sync with your computer to confirm your entire system is working correctly.

Start Using TripLogik in the car

 Instructions on how to use TripLogik in the car

  • How trips automatically begin and end
  • Why are 2 trips recorded together ?
  • How to force the start of a new trip while you are driving or if the end delay is not expired 

Next step:  Setting up TripLogik and using it in the car