TripLogik Map Memberships are per instrument per year .

Instrument membership is managed within the Manager 2  application.
In order to pay for your yearly membership, you need to add your instrument the Manager first.

Payment is done in the application
Follow the instructions in the "First use of TripLogik Manager 2.0" video Video First Use of TripLogik Manager 2.0  ( 1:09)

To learn more about Triplogik Map membership 

STEP 1   Verify of your instrument membership 

At any time you can check the status of your instrument’s membership from the instrument list. 

  1. Click on the User menu
  2. Select the Instrument tab

If you do not see any instrument in the list, you must add your instrument to the Manager
Consult the Video First Use of TripLogik Manager 2.0  ( 1:09) on how to add it.

STEP 2   New Membership or Renew  

To pay for a new membership or renew,

  1. Click on the User menu
  2. Select the Instrument tab
  3. Select the instrument from the list ( in the instruments tab)
  4. Click the Renew Membership button

STEP 3   Select a Triplogik Map Membership

After clicking on Renew subscription,  a window will display the available service options

  1. Click on the drop-down button
  2. Select the type of membership you would like 

For more details and description about the different types of services available
Please consult the tripLogik website by clicking on the "?" icon (2)
Or at this link More information about the TripLogik Map membership

Select the membership type from the list 


The VIP SUPPORT ADDON can only be used if you already have a Map membership without assistance.

This option is reserved for customers who wish to add technical support to their existing membership.

Apply membership 
Once you have selected a membership type, Click on the Renew button to apply the membership

STEP 4 Payment by credit card or Paypal 

An online payment window will display a selection of payment type.

Please note that Paypal is our online payment service provider and you do not need a PayPal account

You can pay by Credit Card or Paypal  
Select the grey Pay by Credit Card button
Enter your email only if you pay using your Paypal account

(2) Click on grey button to pay with a credit card

Depending you your PayPal location the screen might be different
If there is no pay with Credit card available select checkout as a Guest
Enter your email and click on Continue to Payment 

If you select the Credit Card option 

Complete the online purchase form


if you are using a Mastercard, please be aware that this company requires you fill the address in the form exactly as your billing address for the card. Otherwise, the transaction will be refused by Master Card.

STEP 5  After Payment is completed 
A confirmation will be sent to you via Paypal.

You can also download your invoice in PDF format following payment in the confirmation windows screen

CHECK MEMBERSHIP in Manager Software 

Following your Payment, you can return to the User and instrument menu

Your instrument should display the number of days remaining on your membership and the end date.

  1. Click on the User menu
  2. Select the Instrument tab
  3. Check the numbers of days
  4. Click OK to close 

Your instrument is now valid and will work with the TripLogik Map server

Please wait a minute , you might have to close and restart the Manager 
Information will be updated according to the Membership you selected