If you are replacing an instrument, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE A NEW MEMBERSHIP
Contact TripLogik via a support ticket to replace the old instrument with this new one.

If you already added a new replacement instrument in your Manager 2.0, this new serial number will be expired, like any instrument before payment is completed.

Instruments are registered and authorized in your account via the instrument serial number.
If you need to replace your instrument because it was broken, lost or stolen, TripLogik replace this instrument in your account , but we need to know the serial number of the original instrument you were using in order to replace it for a new one.

Open a support ticket here : Support Home site 

In the ticket , include 

  1. The serial number already in your account , (The one being replaced,
    ensure old serial number in the ticket field. This will enable us to find your account.
  2. The serial number of the new instrument that will replace the old one.

Thing you need to know about:

  • There is no cost for this service ( unless the account was expired , you will need to update your account)
  • The old instrument will be placed in a deactivated list. If you try to use it again, you will not be able to register it again.
  • If the instrument was lost or stolen, it will be placed into a black list, and will never be reactivated again.


If you sell your instrument, 
Any Map service left cannot be transferred to a new owner.
For security reasons , TripLogik will not register any instrument still registered to an existing user, even if the account is still active.

The original owner must contact us, via a support ticket, requesting we transfer the instrument to a new user.

  1. The new user must install the Manager 2.0 with a valid Email and inform the seller of the email he used to register. ( so we can ID the new user)  
  2. The original user must request a property transfer via a support ticket
    This ticket must include the new owners email.
  3. TripLogik will execute a transfer of the instrument to the new owner. Any transfer is revocable once completed.
  4. The new owner will be charged for Triplogik Map membership fee on his new account.