If you serial number is TL10000100001000 or 1299 and lower, or if your instrument SN starts by TL100002, your instrument is not compatible to the new upgraded satellite date and time protocol.
Please note this has nothing to do with the Manager 2.0 update

GPS hardware standards have changes,

GPS signals from satellites include a timestamp, needed in part to calculate one's location, that
stores the week number using ten binary bits.

That means the week number can have 1,024 values, counting from zero to 1,023 in this case. Every 1,024 weeks, or roughly every 20 years, the counter rolls over from 1,023 to zero.

The first Saturday in April 2019 will mark the end of the 1,024th week, after which the counter will spill over from 1,023 to zero.

What the new standard changed

The Global Positioning System (GPS), administered by The United States Department of Homeland Security and the International Civil Aviation Organization have update the week register from 10 bit to 13 bit in 2010 in order to extend Week Number Rollover from 1024 or 19 years to a 13 bits to give 8191 weeks for a rollover every 157 years instead of 19 years.

Unfortunately, the rollover of 2019 year affected most of the devices using GPS antenna receiver manufactured before 2012, such as I-pads and I- phones, some android devices and TripLogik instrument with serial numbers under 1000.

Owners of TL1000 instrument with serial number below 1000 will be affected by the 2019 rollover.
For every manufacturers, the new standard did not exist at that time.

If your serial number is over TL10000100001299 and not in the TL1000020000xxxx series you should not be affected.

If you sync your instrument on a monthly basis, you would have noticed the issue immediately in April 2019.
If you did not check your data after April 2019, without proper week and time calculation, it is not possible to generate way points to find the locations.
If this is your case , Unfortunately, your current instrument cannot be used anymore

TripLogik Map Membership
If you have a TripLogik Map account, and would like to continue using the TripLogik System, you can purchase a new instrument, add it to your Manager , then request a change of instrument in your account.

Purchase a new instrument
1-Add a new instrument to your account (in the Manager)
2- Open an assistance ticket here: http://triplogik.freshdesk.com/en/support/home 
3- include the email you used for your TripLogik Map membership
the serial number you are replacing , and the serial number of your new instrument.
Most changes are made the same day.

If you chose not to purchase a new instrument and do not want to use the Triplogik system, because you instrument is not compatible to the new 13 bit system ( serial numbers below 1000)  we can refund your membership.
1- Open an assistance ticket here: http://triplogik.freshdesk.com/en/support/home 
2- include your serial number and the email you used for your TripLogik Map membership
Someone from customer relation will contact you.