About Backup
Backup files can be used in case you damage your database or in the case where you would have lost your PC, or need to transfer the Manager to a different Pc and you do not have access to the full database
More about database location here:

Backup files (bkp) are not a file that can be used directly in the Manager, they must be restored into an existing database or into a new blank one .Backup files are normally datase as the above image
triplogikdatabase year_month_day_time

How to Restore a backup file

  1. Click on the Settings menu
  2. Select the backup and restore tab
  3. Click on the Restore Triplogik Database 
  4. Select the proper backup file and click Open

When you ask for a restore , the manager will propose you to first do a backup of the current set of data you already have.
You can click to save the data before you restore a backup , or simply click No go to the restore

Navigate to the source file to restore
Select it and click on Open

At the confirmation windows, click on Yes to start restoring data from the file

When the data is completely restored into the Database,
Click Yes to restart the Manager to use the new data.

If you do a restore, and don't restart the manager,
be advised that any changed you make, from this point, until you restart the Manager,
will be lost at the next start of the application.