If you have problems installing the Manager, it could be related to the fact that you do not have sufficient user rights, in your windows account, to grant permission to install some or any software.

Two solutions 

  1.  You can log in to your computer using the administrator's account.
  2.  Use the right-click, to tell Windows you would like to start this application as the administrator.

Start the installer in admin mode  

  1. Locate the installation file 
  2. Right-click on the file 
  3. In the menu, select Run as administrator

If you still are having problems starting the installer, especially if you are using Windows 7

  • Verify your windows is up to date. 
  • Ask your IT , or the person in charge of your computer maintenance to verify your setup
  • Redo the file download from the website as there could be a file damaged during the download
  • check your anti-virus , as some can prevent you from installing software it doesn't know.