When is a bin file created
In case your instrument was damaged and you cannot sync your instrument anymore. It is possible to send it to our repair lab to perform a data extraction. Bin files are created for and by tech support.

In the even an instrument need to be repaired, an evaluation of the instrument must be made first, to find out if a repair is possible.
Depending on the damage or the condition of the instrument, it may not always be possible to fix it or extract data from the instrument.

If an emergency repair is possible, and data can be extracted, it will be saved in a special binary file (.bin).
This file is referred to as a raw data file. It is the equivalent of the data being read by the Manager when doing a sync. 

How to import the raw file ( .BIN) 

Open the Manager 2.0

  1. Click on the Settings menu
  2. Select Import RAW data file

  1. Look for the .BIN file you need to import.
    .bin files are name including the serial number of the instrument where the data was extracted from.
    Ex. raw-TL10000100000000.bin
  2. Select the file and Click on Open

  1. Enter the instrument Password  ( default is the serial number , but if it is asking , you have put one in the pass)
    More about password here Password explained
  2. Click OK to import the data into the instrument database

Bin files cannot be imported into a Manager that doesn't have the corresponding instrument serial number already registered.
Raw file can only be imported in the Manager if the corresponding instrument exists in the Manager.
You cannot import a raw file into a Manager that doesn't already have the matching instrument SN installed.


Data recovery is not covered by any warranty.

Always sync your instrument every 30 to 60 days.
Make proper backup of your database file like any other documents.

The user has the responsibility of keeping his instrument in good working order.
 Triplogik is not responsible for clients doing a sync once a year. Please do not contact us demanding we hurry up because it is income tax time. We are not responsible for the users poor management of his data.

TripLogik is a very solid electronic equipment, withstanding high heat and extreme cold, 365 days a year in your car for years.
Thousands of clients are still using instrument manufactured over 11 years ago.
Like any electronic device, you need to ensure its good working condition.
TripLogik recomments testing more than once a year.