The Basic concept

We understand that moving to a new PC has its challenges and for some users it can be intimidating.

Whether you are replacing your PC because it was stolen, broken or simply because it was too old, making backups and transferring your Manager data is an easy task if you follow the instructions below.

What you will need

- A USB key or external hard drive ( or cloud or network disk accessible by both PC)
- The old PC 

- The new PC
- A copy of the Manager installer 

- A copy of the Backup Utility

The 4 steps 

  1. Install Manager on new PC
  2. Download the Backup Utility
  3. Backup the data from OLD PC with the utility
  4. Restore the data to the NEW PC with the utility

STEP 1  The Manager application 
The Manager 2.0 is an application, and like any PC application, it cannot be copied from one PC to another.
The easiest way is to simply install the software.

1- Download the application from the Main TripLogik Download page here
2- Install it on the New PC
3- Register the Manager with your user account

DO NOT create a new account
You user account is your email and a password you created,

If you don't remember the email you used , look into the old PC in the USERS menu. 

If you don't remember the password, click on "I forgot my password"

IF YOU DO NOT REMEMBER YOUR LOGIN ,simply close the Manager at this stage, and continue to step 2


STEP 2  Download The Backup utility 

Although it is possible to copy the data file manually in windows, we created a utility to take care of this and make sure the file is copied to and from the right location.

Download the backup utility from one of the following server links

Link 1 TripLogik_DataAdmin.exe
Link 2 ( alternate)  TripLogik_DataAdmin.exe

We suggest you copy the backup utility to the USB key ( or the media of your choice)
It will be easier to start or copy it from this location, as it will be available to both PC

STEP 3 Start the backup utility on the OLD PC ( Backup)

  1. Close the Manager application 

  2. Open the database utility , by double clicking on the file that you downloaded in step 2.

  3. Click on the Backup button 
  4. Select a location where to save the file

Main screen of the TripLogik Database utility


STEP 4 Start the backup utility on the NEW PC  ( Restore) 

  • Close the Manager application 

  • Open the database utility , by double clicking on the file that you downloaded in step 2.

  • Click on the Restore button 
  • Select a location where to file was saved on the USB

If you don't have the old PC 
All your trip information is stored into a database file on your PC.
This file can be backed up, and later restored into the Manager.
In normal circumstances, you should always have a backup file of your database.