For full copy of all data or to transfer data to a new computer , please refer to the links below

How to move your Manager to a new PC (and keep backups)

Manager Backup, Restore and Fresh start utility

TripLogik Manager 2.0 now has an auto backup

1) Open the settings menu

2) Select the Backup and Restore tab
3) Select On Application Close
4) Select the location of your backup (preferably to a USB key, or a cloud storage)

5) To force a backup now, click on  Backup TripLogik Database 

NOTE Please only use On Application Close in the automatic backup selection
if you have an older version of Manager. Other selection will cause an error with more recent Windows updates.

Automatic Backup
In automatic backup, select the rule ( using the drop list selector)

Backup Location
The default location for backup is on the same hard disk as your system.
This can be changed, as long as you have write permission to the location you what to save to.
We strongly suggest you backup the files on an external location like USB memory, hard disk , network or cloud .

Manual Backup

You can force a backup manually, at any time, using the "Backup Triplogik database"

About Cloud backups 
If you do not have a cloud disk, have a look at and get a free complimentary 5Gb space
Sync is a canadian company based in Toronto, and they were the first to offer secured and encrypted cloud communication.

They are one of the leaders in cloud storage, and have the best price.  

If you ever have to restore a database 

1) Open the settings menu 

2) Select the Backup and Restore tab

3) Click on Restore TripLogik Database

4) select the backup file to be restored

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