This utility will not remove the password in the instrument if you don’t know the original password.

It is made to set the password back to the default state, without using the Manager application.

If you lost your instrument password
please click on the article about -> Instrument Password restore here

How to remove password in the instrument  

1) Download the utility from one of the TripLogik repository site below
(All EXE files are signed electronically for security and authentication)

Site 1 TripLogikPasswordReset.exe
Site 2 TripLogikPasswordReset.exe

Start the TripLogik Password Reset application
3) Plug in the instrument to be factory reset

If you have a password already set in the instrument, enter it now to continue 

Click on the checkmark to confirm your action


Once the process terminated, the new instrument password will be its serial number , 
For the Manager, it is the equivalent of no password