I never set a password !
The Manager never ask for one before , why now! 

The TL1000 doesn't have a password by default

When you initially set your instrument, you were asked to enter a password.
If you did set a password, the Manager 1.2 was able to let you set a "remember password", so this is why it did not ask for it until now.
The new Manager 2.0 has no information about your instrument and this is why you will be prompted to enter it.


Changing password will automatically delete all the data in your TL1000

Since data is encrypted using your password as a key, it will delete all trips to start over with the new password.

You must do a sync and a database save and backup before.

If you still can't find your password

In order to help you we need a few basic information

1) Proof or purchase

2) The serial Number the TL1000 in question


Locate the serial number

1) Look under the TL1000 for your serial number. It should be TL1000XXXXXXXXXX

2) If you cant read the serial number printed on the bottom.

Download a the app called "Device info" from the flowing link Link to Device Info app

3) Connect the TL1000 TripLogik to your computer and run the GetTLDeviceinfo.exe utility you just downloaded


Create a Service Ticket with subject LOST PASSWORD

1) Create a new ticket here    Make sure you include your ALL INFORMATION 

2) Copy the serial number and add it to the ticket

3) Fill every part of the ticket including your invoice number date of purchase ( in order to help us identify you)

4) After we identify you, we will send you a custom Password Extractor that will retrieve your password

* Please note,

  • Incomplete forms without full 16 characters serial number will be automatically deleted.
  • First password reset is free ( within the warranty) , subsequent or out of warranty reset can be subject charges.
  • Keep the file in a safe place in case you need to reuse it. Request for replacement will cost 25.00$.


Password Extractor

When you receive a response email from TripLogik ( that will include a Password Extractor link)

Click on the link to download your Password Extractor.

Make sure the Manager software is closed

1) Start the utility software, and connect your TL1000 to the PC

2) When detected , Start the process

3) When the password is shown, note your password

This utility is only usable on the TL1000 with a matching serial number of the file.

If you try it on other devices, the software will not work.

Remove the password from the instrument 

See the following article to remove the password from your instrument 

Default Instrument Password Reset

Did you Register your warranty ?

If you did not register your unit, we strongly suggest you go to the warranty page and register it.

This could be used to retrieve your information in case you lost your proof of purchase. Go to the Warranty page

Warranty is 12 months. If you require technical support after the fist year, please open a service ticket and ask about our extended support options.

For your security, we cannot restore units without proof of purchase.

If you get your unit stolen, it will only be worth a nice looking paperweight...and your privacy is assured!