This kit must be installed by a professional .

The retrofit kit is made to provide power to the TL1000 OBD type connection when a vehicle is not

equipped with a standard OBDII connector.

Please note:
This kit is not made to replace or get access to any data from the car computer an OBD scanner.
It is specifically built to provide a constant 12V DC power source for the TL1000 OBDII power supply ONLY.
This kit is made to work on negative ground cars using a 12V battery only.

PDF file available here -> Installation instruction for retrofit cable PDF format

You can purchase the cable here-> Buy retrofit cable

What is Included in this kit

  • 1 x  OBD F plug cable with fuse tap holder and 5A fuse
  • 1 x  1 amp Fuse

Please follow the steps in the illustration below

Step 1
Locate a source of constant 12 Volts power in the fuse compartment.

This source must always be present even if the vehicle  is not running or without the ignition

accessory key turned on.  Remove the fuse in the car fuse box.

Inset the removed fuse in the provided fuse tap. 

(in the empty socket, below the one already in the fuse tap) 

Step 3
Place the fuse tap where the fuse was in the car fuse box

Step 4
Find a metal screw that is bolted to the cars ground body

and attach the black wire to it ( ground wire)

Step 5
Plug the TripLogik OBDII power supply into the cable.

Step 6
Install the OBD cable as described in the normal installation procedure.

Step 7
Make certain the vehicle is outside and had a free access to the sky ( not inside a garage for

example) Install the TL1000 instrument on the USB end of the cable and wait until the satellite signal is

found. ( Will flash every 2 seconds ,then make a long beep to confirm).

Step 8
Drive the vehicle around until you hear the new trip sounder ( 2 tone audio signal)  

Never install without a fuse. Never let wires get close to the pedals or anywhere else that can get caught or  create

a hazard. Do not install on a power source higher or lower than 12VDC. This product is to be used only with the

TL1000 OBDII power supply. For negative ground vehicles only. This kit is only an extension with a connector and

does not contain any electronic parts, besides a fuse that should not be higher than 2 amps. Using this kit to power

anything else but the TL1000 can lead to damage to the vehicle, DO NOT USE with anything else or draw more than


TripLogik or its distributor/affiliate are not responsible for any damage or loss created by anyone installing, using 

or attempting to install this kit, and will not be held liable or responsible for the use of the kit into any vehicle. This

kit should be installed by a professional mechanic with electrical expertise.

By installing this kit, the client assumes full responsibility whether the kit is installed by a professional or not.