The answer is  No,

What is the OBD  power supply connected to ?  

The OBDII power supply only connects to the battery positive and negative contacts inside the plastic connector.

Since only those 3 metal pins are physically present inside the plastic connector, it is therefore impossible for the power supply to connect of have any influence with your on-board car computer.

We deliberately made the connector this way to prevent any possible damage to the cars computer.

What dealers sometimes think !

Dealer don't always know what TripLogik is used for and how it works.
We have heard about dealers thinking it was a device made to enhance the performance of your car. those devices are referred to as "Chipping" . Some dealers have even told clients, chipping can void their car warranty.

TripLogik is obviously NOT such a device, and since it is not even electrically connected to the car computer, there absolutely no way it can talk to the computer.

If you dealer or mechanic still disagree, please have them contact us so we can provide them with more technical details and explanation.

How much power does the OBD power supply uses and can it drain my battery ?
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