Spare parts

We have spare parts available online such as USB cables, OBDII power unit.

Buy Triplogik spare parts here 


If you have damaged your device, it is possible to have it repaired by our service department.

For any repair request, please Open a service ticket.

Possible repairs: 

  • Damaged housing
  • USB connector broken or damaged by water ( connector replacement)
  • Sounder, LED, button , bling ring  

Impossible repair 

  • USB and OBD cables damaged by water and calcium
  • Cable crushed by doors or other.
  • Cable bent or severed by improper installation or use.
  • Poorly maintained cable 
  • OBD power supply  (electronic circuit is molded to be sealed. Not fixable) 
  • The USB cables

Cable water damages
If you have dropped the connector into the snow or water, do not plug it back into your appliance until it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried.

The water is full of contaminants that will damage your device’s contacts in a few days.

This type of damage is not covered by the warranty.

See how to fix cables 

Triplogik uses gold-plated military-type USB connectors with a thickness of 30 microns. In comparison with normal USB connectors that are plated with a thickness of 0.5 Micron, the Triplogik is much more robust and better suited in a car.

The latter are also treated with a Deoxit protection product. 

Data recovery

In some cases, if the microprocessor is still functional, it is possible to recover data from a damaged device.

This service is not covered by the warranty and is done per evaluation. 

Please contact the service for more information.  Open a service ticket

Warranty information

The TL1000 instrument is warranty for one (1) year

The cables are covered for a period of 90 days.