Make a diagnosis 

Before requesting a repair, it is important to determine the exact cause and identify the component involved.

Refer to the problem solving guide link 

This guide will help you solve most common situations and help you better understand how your instrument works.

If you think your device needs repair

Following your diagnosis, using the problem solving guide, if you believe you have identified a technical problem that you cannot solve from the guide.

Open a service ticket in the Tickets section How to open a ticket 

Briefly describe your approach and the nature of the problem identified

A technician will contact you to assist you or/and tell you how to proceed with a repair.

Out of warranty repairs 

In life, bad luck sometimes occurs

Mobile devices are handled in a relatively hostile environment, which can lead to accidents.

Triplogik is built in Canada. The design of the instrument has always considered the environment in which it is used.

Despite its proven and proven strength, the TL1000 continued to evolve to make it even more durable.

In a world where everything is disposable, Triplogik stands out and offers a complete repair service for the majority of small misfortune.

The average cost of a repair can vary between $65 and $100 (plus shipping and taxes) 

Upon receipt or after repair, Triplogik will backup your data ( if possible , depending on damage) 

Daily monitoring, from the receipt of the instrument until its return, is recorded in the service ticket, informing you of real-time progress 

Repairs are guaranteed 90 days


Depending on the type of damage and condition of the instrument, we cannot ensure that all instruments can be repaired,

In some cases, if the damage is too great, the instrument may not be repairable.

To request a repair, you must Open a service ticket here 
How to open a ticket 

Repairs within the warranty period 

Triplogik TL1000 is covered by a one (1) year warranty against manufacturing defects

It does not cover damage caused by component breakage or by contaminants (calcium water etc.), damage caused by impact or any other form of mishandling.

To make a repair request, you must open a service ticket   Open a service ticket here    How to open a ticket 

A service agent will send you the Return Procedure (RMA) which contains all the instructions.

Proof of purchase or original warranty registration is required for warranty repairs.