The Triplogik Mileager logger has enough capacity to record a year's worth of driving 4 hours/day or close to 50 00 miles (70 000 Km).

However, we recommend you do not leave it that long; there's potentially a lot of data to lose if it went missing.

A large database will also take longer to sync.

We recommend you sync at least once per month and print your monthly reports.

You can erase the memory inside the Tl1000 after syncing or every 2-3 months if required.

If you never erase it, it can act as a backup of your data on the PC,  and it could be re-downloaded.

The drawback is it will take longer every month to sync as there is more data to download month after month.

It will also eventually get full and it will stop working

To check how much memory is free

Open the manager software

Click on the logger menu, then TripLogik status

The status contains your serial number, the firmware version , your user name, and the capacity used by the trips.


  1. Always download your logger every month

If you lose it, have it stolen, or damage it, you are in trouble.

This is just like any other electronics device, it bust be regularly backup

       2. Print out your reports on Paper

If you don't keep good backups of your computer, and make many copies of your trip database you can be playing with fire!
Don't take any chance, this information is fiscal in nature, it is normal to have printed records, like invoices.
If you print to PDF documents, ensure they are always in a safe place

       3. Always reuse the same database

We don't suggest you start a new database every time you download your data.

In fact , we recommend you keep the same database year after year.

The way the software works, is every place you have already visited will not have to be looked up on the internet

this making the software faster and more efficient.

If you added some custom descriptions, creating a new file will not keep them automatically in the new file ( see importing places)

Don't worry about the size, this is relatively small compared to modern word processor files.

When you print a report, simply select the period from the date fields

You can have as many years as you need in there, just pick the period you need.

        4. Backup your database file every time you do a sync

Today with the popularity of USB memory key, and cloud storage, its quite easy to automatically copy files for backup.

We strongly, recommend backing up your files with an automated system

Many services are totally free and can copy the files immediately as they change on your hard disk

Services like DropBox, and Google Drive among others can help you fail-safe your data.

The link below contains a review of 19 free cloud services services you can use.

There is simply no excuse for lost database!!!

More on backup here

        5. Clean the USB connection in your car and on the device

A few times per year, you should have a closer look at the condition of the USB connections

Those are like any other devices, and it is sitting in your car all the time.

You can use rubbing alcohol or special contact cleaners for this.

Some even have protection factor that lubricated the contacts

A well maintained device can last very long , our employee units were manufactured in 2010, and they all still work very well.

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